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eSafety effects database is now iMobility effects database

eSafety effects database has changed its name to iMobility effects database. The iMobility effects database has been compiled by iCarSupport in order to maintain the state-of-the-art knowledge of the effects of different iMobility systems or intelligent vehicle and infrastructure systems. The database is based on studies, conference papers and articles concerning the effects of iMobility systems, and particularly their effects on safe, smart and clean road mobility. Links are given to all such sources, which are available in the Internet. The database is structured according to type of system or application.

It should be noted that the results described in the database may not be transferrable to all countries nor applicable to all conditions. Here the user should consult the original documents and judge the applicability of the results to his/her situation.

In order for the database to be as good as possible, it should be updated with all new studies, papers and articles on iMobility effects. Please send in information about such to iCarSupport via the database web master: